Awards & Press


Awarded a place on 3 day Vinyl Weekender course, Brighter Sound, Manchester (2017)

Clore Emerging Leaders course (The Clore Leadership Programme)- awarded the Independent Artist Bursary Award (2016)

Awareded an Artists Fund grant - Artquest, DACS, a-n the Artists Information Company grant (2016)

Longlisted for Dazed and Converse Emerging Artist Award (2015)

Shortlisted for the Women in Art award; part of Manchester's International Women's Celebrations (Winner: Dr Maria Balshaw CBE, Director of the Whitworth & Manchester Art Galleries, currently Director or TATE) (2013)

Awarded Women Make Music funding from PRSF (Performing Rights Society Foundation) for Musis for Delia Derbyshire Day (Co-Founder and Co-Producer) (2013)

Awarded Investing in Success funding from University of Manchester for Cultural Wonders In The Mix: Animating Cultural Wonders Through New Commissioned Music and Art (2012)

Awarded Umbro Creative Industries Grant for Krysko & Kashiwagi: Whitworth In The Mix– a music, art and architecture mashup (2010)

Winner of Arts Council North West prize, art08 Individual Artist Award, (2008)

Winner of Best of Manchester (Art), (2008)

Shortlisted for the Nationwide Mercury Art Prize (2005)

AHRC Professional Preparation Masters Scheme Award (2004)


“For artist Naomi Kashiwagi, old technologies are simply a means to new and surprising ends. She customises mechanical musical hardware – gramophones, shellac records – then plays them to create live sound that allows for, and thrives on, the accidental: distortion, repetition, amplified crackles, rumbles and echoes. She calls up the ghosts in these old, supposedly obsolete machines, then exorcises them with a gleeful conceptual flourish.”  Analogue artists defying the digital age, the Guardian (2011) 

“Another stand-out was British artist Naomi Kashiwagi, who played 78-rpm records on a refurbished wind-up gramophone. Eyes all on Naomi, this interesting installation was almost like magic.”  The Power Ball 2014 Old/New World, View the Vibe

“a diverse and experimental evening that was hypnotic and mind boggling ambitious.” The Green Lampshade: A Celebration of Delia Derbyshire (Naomi was artist and creative producer)

Naomi’s response to “what can art do” was selected by Arts Council England to be included in their 10 year vision, Great Art for Everyoneand also in their 10 year strategic framework Great Art and Culture for Everyone 2010 - 2020.’:

The arts have the potential to show that the everyday can be reinvented and that the ordinary is usually extraordinary and that the extraordinary can become part of, or intervene and wonderfully interrupt everyday life. - Naomi Kashiwagi (2009)

This quote was also cited in the European Policy document, TILLTEUROPE: Creative Clash: Transforming Organisations with the Arts: Artistic Interventions to stimulate innovation, sustainability and inclusivity (2011)

"Naomi's inclusion of sound within the context of installation extends the dimension in which we can experience her work”- Peter Saville

Peter Saville Selects Naomi Kashiwagi, Dazed (2012) 

"Anita Awbi tunes in to electronic music’s great female pioneers to discover an exhilarating network of influence and innovation."

Women & Machines, M-Magazine (Performing Rights Society for Music online magazine)

"Naomi Kashiwagi is a sound artist who eschews digital technologies to co-opt obsolete equipment and create unexpected audio outcomes. She relishes the unpredictability old analogue hardware by incorporating its customised pops, crackles and reverberations into a contemporary audio/visual setting.Driven by her cultural heritage, she works hard to fuse elements of English and Japanese artistic traditions, adding yet another dimension to her output."

Interview: Naomi Kashiwagi - M Magazine (Performing Rights Society for Music online magazine)